Yin Yoga - A gentle and complete practice

Yin Yoga is a combination of yoga and meditation that works on the deep muscles

YIN YOGA - the "YIN" and "YANG"

The Chinese and Indians share this spiritual wisdom in which our physical bodies are simply energy centres that circulate and distribute energy to function optimally to minimise illness in the body and stress in the mind. Yin Yoga can have such a positive impact on your physical and emotional health. Yin Yoga is challenging and very demanding. This combination of experiencing body, breath and mind awareness in the present moment is often challenging but also very cleansing.

Inspired by Chinese medicine, Yin yoga works on the circulation of vital energy through slow exercises and static positions.

In the world of yoga and its various uses, the concept of "YANG" implies a more active, dynamic and movement-oriented practice. It is designed to work and strengthen the muscles and to allow energy to be activated and distributed correctly in our system. This practice of Hatha Yoga is the best known and most traditional.

The "YIN" practice is quite different and perfectly complements the "YANG". It involves a more meditative approach, which means that it is not only movement oriented, but more so towards awareness of the present moment. This practice is slower and gentler, and requires postures to be held for long periods of time (often at least 2 to 5 minutes). This helps to improve the flow of one's energy through the body, moving it strategically (energy meridians) and thus transforming you.

With increasing flexibility, Yin yoga encourages a sense of release and letting go, a place to surrender. Yin yoga poses open up areas of the body that may not have been touched for some time and sometimes awaken those deep memories and emotions. This can be extremely difficult at the time and can lead to various reactions such as frustration, anger, tears and sadness, but afterwards you will feel lighter, a sense of letting go, a full heart and a clearer mind.

Beware though, this slower practice is not the same as being easier! It will require a commitment in your body and mind.

A balance between mind and body, reset, reboot and go!

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